Learn everything there is to know about planting trees and looking after them.

Good preparation will ensure the success of any tree planting project and help you provide an environment in which your young trees will thrive.

This handbook describes how to plant and protect young trees. It is intended to be used by conservation volunteers and others interested in creating new woodland, planting hedgerows or individual trees.

It contains everything you need to know about tree propagation, tree planting, protection and weeding. It goes into the background of ‘why’ we should plant trees along with the law relating to trees.

What to expect

Tree planting & aftercare subjects

Background info

Woodland cutting regime

Loads of background information – why plant trees, assessment, planning and design, trees and the law, species, safety, tools and equipment.

Planting and protection

Notch planting a small tree

Clear, step-by-step, practical techniques for planting trees. The use of products for enhancing and protecting growth is also covered in detail.


Weed free area around a young tree

Comprehensive information about weeding, ‘beating up’, management of glades, rides, paths and woodland flora, pruning, thinning and coppicing.

Tree Planting & Aftercare: a practical handbook – chapters

The original, printed TCV handbook “Tree Planting & Aftercare, a practical handbook” contained 132 pages. Every one of these pages is included in these digital versions.

A brief introduction to the subject of tree planting and aftercare.

A look at why we plant trees, their history in the landscape, their benefits and where NOT to plant trees.

Planning and design of woodlands for multi-purpose uses like landscape improvement, wildlife, recreation, community involvement, and production of timber or coppice material.

A brief outline of some of the legal matters relating to trees.

Safety and equipment for most aspects of tree planting, tree nursery and aftercare operations. Tools suitable for coppicing and felling small trees are described.

Advice to help you grow your own planting stock from locally collected seed.

The practical techniques for planting trees and the use of shelters and other products for enhancing and protecting their growth.

Weeding techniques, the management of glades and paths, and the introduction of woodland flora. Pruning, control of pests and diseases, felling techniques for early thinning of woodlands, coppicing and pollarding.

Some information about grant availability for tree planting projects.

Organisations providing training in woodland management skills.

A list of suppliers on tree planting tools and materials, as well as suppliers of trees and seeds.

Some useful information about tree for more formal situations.

A list of publications referred to in the text, as well as others relevant to the subject of trees.

A list of some tree planting terms and their meanings.

What is in the handbooks?

Step by step

All the processes in the handbooks are explained in easy to follow language, using step-by-step guides that are ideal for all levels.

Clearly Illustrated

Over 2,000 helpful illustrations accompany the text, adding clarity.


The handbooks cover all the topics you need to improve your skills and knowledge.


Written by conservation experts, the handbooks are highly valued by users across the conservation sector.