Learn the art of hedgelaying, how to restore neglected hedges, as well as planning and creating a new hedge.

This handbook describes hedgerow management techniques. It is intended to be used by conservation volunteers and others interested in creating and maintaining hedgerows.

It contains everything you need to know about hedging – their history, conservation value and the law. Fully detailed instructions on how to create a new hedge, trimming hedge and hedge laying. Loads of information about hedging styles and features across the UK and Ireland, and much more.

What to expect

Hedging subjects

Background info

Section of a double hedge

Loads of background information – hedgerow history, the law, dating hedgerows, conservation, flora and fauna, safety, tools and equipment.

Regional styles

Cornwall stone hedge

Clear descriptions of characteristic regional style of hedges across the UK and Ireland, as well as how to plan, plant and care for a young hedge.

Hedgerow management

Laying a hedge

Everything you need to know about managing an established hedgerow. Trimming, laying, restoring, banking and turfing, and much more.

Hedging: a practical handbook – chapters

The original, printed TCV handbook “Hedging, a practical handbook” contained 126 pages. Every one of these pages is included in these digital versions.

A brief introduction to hedging.

A look at how hedgerows fit into the landscape, their history and dating them.

The loss of hedges and their current condition, why we need them and what the future holds.

The rights and obligations of hedgerow ownership and maintenance.

The important aspects of health and safety while working on hedgerows.

Information on choosing shrubs for different types of hedge and the planting, protection and early care of hedges.

A look at the techniques for planting a new hedge, together with the management necessary in the first few years after planting.

Hedges are characterised by the fact that they are trimmed at intervals. Here is everything you need to know about trimming.

A description of all the factors which must be considered before proceeding to lay a hedge.

Hedge laying techniques common to most styles of laid hedges, concentrating on the Midland style.

Hedges can be lost through neglect and bad management. Restoration may involve rejuvenating the hedge by laying or coppicing.

A look at the various styles of hedges typical of Wales and the South West.

A brief description of regional and local styles of hedge laying, other than the Midlands, Welsh and South Western styles.

A look at the maintenance of turf banks.

Some useful information about hedging associations and where to get training and grants.

A list of manufacturers and suppliers of materials used in hedging work.

A list of the publications referred to in the text, as well as others relevant to the subject of hedging.

An explanation of some of the terms found in this handbook.

What is in the handbooks?

Step by step

All the processes in the handbooks are explained in easy to follow language, using step-by-step guides that are ideal for all levels.

Clearly Illustrated

Over 2,000 helpful illustrations accompany the text, adding clarity.


The handbooks cover all the topics you need to improve your skills and knowledge.


Written by conservation experts, the handbooks are highly valued by users across the conservation sector.